Discover How To Get All The Clients You Can Handle Without Cold Calling, Expensive Advertising and Spending Hundreds Of Hours Trying To Make Inbound Marketing Work For You.

Let me ask you a question...…

Would You Like A Step By Step System For Generating A Predictable Stream Of New Business With Your Ideal Clients?

Are you sick and tired of the changing pace of sales practices meaning you struggle to get consistent and predictable numbers of new business and new clients?

Are you struggling to make 'inbound marketing' and 'attraction marketing' work for you? Are you struggling to get the right quality clients or you may just be overwhelmed by the work that no one tells you is involved in making these successful?

Don't worry...

...You're not alone...

Sales lead generation programs aren't equipped to deal with the situations and technology we face in our everyday business lives.

Conventional sales training and client getting plans were designed in a different era before social selling, twitter, LinkedIn, cold emailing, inside sales, auto diallers, sophisticated CRM systems and marketing automation systems.

Traditional sales training and lead generation systems  (even when you find a good one) rely on outdated principles of manually hunting down peoples details, cold calling, evading gatekeepers and methods that flat out don't work for you. And that's even if you can force yourself to bite the bullet and do the steps necessary to make first contact.

And even the latest 'attraction marketing'  or inbound marketing isn't working for you. It's not helping you contact the right quality people like senior decision makers in businesses that never spend their time on Facebook or checking Linkedin. 

And even when you can get some traction it is always with people at a much junior level than the people you need to be speaking with. And it almost feels like they are using you as pricing fodder as they feel like they are already quite a way into their buying process and only need you to make up the numbers. ​

So this means you are struggling to find a way you can control that provides a predictable level of new business, with the right people and businesses, month in and month out.

And when you do land a perfect client it's a 'one off' that you're not quite sure how it happened or how to replicate the process to go out and find another 10, 20, 50 or even 100 of those perfect clients.

..Now that leaves you with a dilemma doesn't it?

Your need a way to provide predictable numbers of new clients so you can hire people, scale the business revenue, take time off and maybe even prove the numbers so you can attract Venture Capital funding, buyt it seems like you've tried everything there is, and nothing is working. 

So how do you get around this?

Is there a revolutionary new approach and system that will get you the results you are looking for?

There is, and that’s exactly what this page is all about…

The Purpose Of This Page Is To Offer You A Complete Step By Step System For Getting As Many New Clients As You Want With ZERO Cold Calling, Inbound Marketing or Expensive Advertising. 

I have a complete outbound sales prospecting course called 'The Prospecting System'.

It's a complete step by step system to identify prospects, make first contact using highly targeted and personalized emails known as 'cold emails'  (no cold calling) and then turn those contacts  into predictable and scale-able new revenue streams. 

Introducing The Prospecting System

The Proven 6 Step System To Get You Clients In 30 Days Or Less

most effective course on outbound prospecting I've ever seen
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What Is The The Prospecting System?

The Proven 6 Step System To Get You Clients In 30 Days Or Less

Let me explain to you what  “The Prospecting System " is and how it will help you.

It’s my complete video course that walks you through of how to design your sales system to add value to your prospective client, how to work out what will appeal to them, how to build lists of your prospects with their emails, how to make first contact with them and how to sell them on meeting with you (virtual, by phone or face to face). And once they have met with you, how to turn that into business.



How To Build Value Into Your Sales System


How To Define Your Ideal Clients Buying Triggers And How To Identify Your DREAM Client


How To Quickly And Easily Build Lists Of Ideal Clients


How To Build A First Contact System Using Technology To Allow Scale And Outsourcing


How To Make First Contact To Get People Asking When They Can Talk To You


How To Build Long Term Sales Pipeline And Opportunities From EVERY Contact

Here's What You'll Discover

The Prospecting System gives consultants, digital marketers, SaaS, Telecoms, B2B sales organizations, companies with existing telesales operations, independent professionals - in fact, anyone who sells Business To Business - a powerful step-by-step blueprint to generate new leads and customers in a systematic way. Here's just a taste of what you'll learn inside the training...

  •  How to create a pro-active system to drive predictable first meetings. We walk you step by step through every stage of building a  system that is repeatable and that you can control to engage with senior people in any business. Never be reliant on marketing methods you can't control once you understand how to take control of exactly who you want t speak to and how to make it happen.
  • Stuck With Exactly Who To Target?  Use the over 76 resources we give you to profile people, businesses and get their full contact details. All of these are revolutionary new services without 1 list broker in sight!
  • 12 x The response than using Linkedin messaging. A direct email to someones BUSINESS or CORPORATE email address has consistently shown a 12 times the response level than sending mails within Linkedin - as well as getting those replies back in days, not weeks!
  • Be Among The First In Your Industry To Use This Revoloutionary Technology. These tools are unlike anything you have experienced before and have only just become available due to technological advances. These are tools that give you an opportunity to outsmart your competition


What Exactly Will You Find In -

The Prospecting System

The entire Prospecting System training course is made up of 6 step-by-step modules. These modules take you through the entire process from starting at nothing all the way to getting new high value clients.

This is a video training course and is available online. You can watch the videos on any mobile device. And as a bonus we offer the videos in downloadable mp4 and mp3 formats too.

MODULE 1: How To Build A Value Based Sales System

  1. Sales Gates: How to split your sales process into a series of mini gates where you only ever have to move to the next stage. This makes the process simple so you can follow a proven step by step system.
  2. The Productization Process: using our proprietary system we walk you through how to turn your first meeting into a something so valuable your prospect will be begging you when they can meet with you.
  3. The Prospect Pyramid: You'll discover why there are 3 levels of ideal prospect and which approach works with each. No matter how good the approach is - if it;s the wrong one for the level of prospect you're destined for failure. Discover how to apply these principles foe endless meetings.

MODULE 2: How To Define Your Ideal Clients Buying Triggers And How To Identify Your DREAM Client

  1. You Dream Client: We walk you, step - by - step through a process to identify the characteristics of your dream clients. And once you have that nailed we show you where you can find all the data on them you need to create endless new clients. 
  2. The 3 Minute Research: once you;ve identified your ideal prospect we walk you through a simple process to research them in under 3 minutes do you will know EXACTLY what to say in your first approach to make them compelled to want to reply to you.
  3. Turn Research Into Data:  so no stone is left un-turned we show you how to turn that data and research into working prospect profiles you can send to outsourcers to do the heavy lifting of first contact for you. 

MODULE 3: How To Quickly And Easily Build Lists Of Ideal Clients

  1. Dream Clients On Demand: Even if you have no idea yet where to find your dream prospects, complete with their company data and business email address we show you how to easily profile them. We even show you howto outsource the entire process. 
  2. 76 Different Data Sources:  discover over 76 different data sources - paid and free. Get our review of EXACTLY when you would use them and what time sucking mistakes to be aware of. 
  3. Trigger Events:  Discover how to leverage the latest technology which emails you  a fresh batch of prospects every day who'se circumstances have changed meaning they have become receptive to your first meeting. These services do all the heavy lifting on auto pilot for you.  

MODULE 4: How To Build A First Contact System Using Technology To Allow Scale And Outsourcing

  1. What Cold Email System Is The Best?  Discover how to implement an outbound cold email system. We evaluate all the leading technologies and make recommendations on what is a great fit for your business based on your size and scale ambitions. This section will save you hundreds of hours of trial and effort in setting up everything - Allowing you to shortcut your time to revenue
  2. Every Question Answered: We answer the common technology questions we hear such as “should I use my corporate email?”, “how do I automate follow ups?”, “how do I ensure emails are delivered?” and save you months of trail and error and bad mistakes
  3. Long Term Opportunities:  How to structure your CRM and your sales conversations to build long term pipeline. We’ve experimented with this for years and have discovered what you need to do to structure your CRM to record the right information and create workflows to build long term pipelines.

MODULE 5: How To Make First Contact To Get People Asking When They Can Talk To You

  1. Why Cold Email is The best First Contact:  We show you why cold emailing is the best (but most misunderstood and badly done) first contact approach - and how you can avoid the common mistakes that suck time and money away from your sales prospecting. 
  2. Proven PLAYBOOK: Get instant access to a  playbook of proven email templates for every level of your prospecting system. Copy and paste these into your system, amend them for your business, and watch the conversions begin to increase dramatically. These include our heavily tested Trigger Event templates that see results to first calls in the region of 80%.
  3. How To Systematize:  how to build a repeatable sales machine that is sending out silent sales messages directly to your high value prospects and bringing responses - like clockwork.

MODULE 6: How To Build Long Term Sales Pipeline And Opportunities From EVERY Contact

  1. Turn EVERY Response To An Opportunity: Gain immediate access to a fully built process on how to respond to every single reply to cold mails to turn them into first meetings. Most people make one of two killer errors here. Replying to every response with an email. This will kill your results straight away. Taking potential ‘negative’ responses such as 'I’m in contract’ as the end of the process instead of seeing them as a fantastic reason to pick up the phone and talk to the prospect. Discover proven processes to logically turn every response into a reason for an outbound telephone call - by you or an outsourcer.
  2. Proven Scripts: Discover our copy and paste script that when combined with the meeting prodctization concept from module 1 will turn over 50% of every response into a first meeting - even the dreaded "I'm not interested'. Even the most experienced sales people call this process 'genius!'. 
  3. Never Have Objections! : Discover how to use the 'Looping System' in practice to handle any difficult questions and use them as the EXACT reason to justify why you should move to a Discovery call or first meeting.


GET OVER $1,036 Worth Of Done For You Services and The Latest Lead Finding Tools FREE With Your Investment...

​I have negotiated special deals with the best technology suppliers out there. These are the ones that I recommend in my training to do everything from building lists, sending out cold emails, monitoring for alerts to changes in companies to help you identify if they are a good fit as well as well as outsourcing services. 

I have done everything in my power to make sure ​that absolutely nothing stands between you and making a huge success of The Prospecting System. 

These technology suppliers change constantly as I negotiate bigger and better deals for my clients so I never list them on this page but they are never less than $1,000 of additional services that you can not find anywhere else. These are exclusively for my clients. 

What Experience Have Clients Had?

"The Most Thorough Resource I have come across"

"Discover The Impact It Will Have For You"

"Outbound Prospecting can revolutionise the financial position of any business. Unfortunately, most people don't have the knowledge of how to conduct Outbound Sales effectively. This is set to change with this amazing course.."

andrew lloyd gordon CEO -
that would have cost us thousands and wasted us a lot of money
chris munch SAAS Entrepreneur CEO -

"One Of The Easiest Investments You Can Make..."

Whether you are new to generating leads from outbound cold emailing, or you are an old hand with this relatively new technology, the Sales Prospecting System has to be one of the easiest investments you can make. The logical sequence and step-by-step guides - from identifying suspects and sending your first (and subsequent) e-mails to prospects, to getting that all-important meeting ahead of your competitors – have a natural flow that I've not seen before. It is certainly being used in my company (we specialise in B2B and have a long sales cycle) and I am delighted with the programme

john coldwell InfoquestCRM
"Sets A High Standard For Value"

Now we’re at the point where you’re wondering... "How much will I need to invest in The Prospecting system training course?"

Valid question.

Here’s the thing…You could try to figure it out on your own and spend thousands upon thousands or “hire a consultant” for $10,000+.

I charge upwards of $5,000 to mentor folks through the process.

The Prospecting System is a tiny investment at only $997

And because you get instant access, you can get started today. You get all the lessons up front so you don't have to wait weeks for results or for the content to be dripped out over weeks or months.

Here is one way to think about it:Imagine getting just one client from this system. If you sell a product or service that costs $997 you'll make more than you're entire investment in this course with JUST ONE  SALE!

What if your product or service is $1,000, $3,000 or $20,000 or more?

You're ROI is huge! 

So NOW the choice is yours…

Click the ‘buy’ button below and get instant access to your video training course and please do it now before you miss out on the opportunity to get such a low investment.

...and if you are sitting on the fence, then everything is covered by our ‘no quibbles’ 30 DAY money back guarantee……

it’s as simple as that...

So click the 'Buy Now'   button below to get the full video course for only $997


Do I get lifetime access?

Absolutely. As long as your account is in good standing and you have not requested a refund, your access to the training is always going to be there.

Do you update the content?

Absolutely. As new technologies emerge and with improve the system we feed this all back into your members area. You get all the updates free of charge as part of your investment. 

How Many Licences Do I Get?

You are licenced for you and your company as long as there are only 2 logins at the same time. If you want more than this, grab this offer and email support and let's see what we can do for you.

Are there recurring fees?

Nope. This is a 1 off investment in the program and there are no ongoing monthly fees.