Do you struggle to identify and get the contact details for your ideal clients?

We do a lot of work across multiple Industries and the requirements differ immensely. Very often Consultants and highly targeted B2B companies require a small but highly targeted list of very highly qualified  prospects yet they have very little idea on how to do that though… would you?

When you read this blog post you will….

This was a recent requirement from a management  consultant client:

“I’d like a list of CEO’s of US manufacturing companies with a turnover of $50 million to $250 million with a manufacturing plant in Europe. And the best deals I have ever closed have been when the CEO had been in the army because we had a huge amount of common ground”

#Some elements have been changed to protect my clients anonymity 🙂

So how would you go about creating this list?

Here are some extremely inventive and effective ways to create that list. It isn’t sequential so make sure you read all the different ways as many of them interact…


  • Don’t overlook The Obvious – Google

Firstly do a quick Google search and see if a good starting point exists on the internet. Because the criteria for our example was broad i.e Europe you may have to narrow that down and run a few searches by country..

building a list for management consultants

These aren’t going to give you the full level of detail but are a starting point. Next head over to an outsourcing  site to see what can be done.


  • Use An Outsourcing Service To See What Already Exists

You’d be amazed at what information already exists on the internet or what has already been compiled for someone else. Put the feelers out to see for yourself

  • Head to Upwork ?(formerly Odesk)
  • Create an account if you don’t already
  • Place a job for your data requirement. You don’t have to pay anything or even select anyone so it is absolutely worth doing…


post a job


Create a job and use an application something like this:


Some key things:

  • I have used the category Data mining under Data science and analytics. Try others such as ‘administration’ types if this doesn’t work
  • Be as specific as you like about what you want. Do you want their age and hair colour? Ask for it
  • I have inserted the phrase ‘Use Apple’ as the first word of your reply or I will delete you and mark you as spam’ and put it into a paragraph so it wasn’t the last line. You will get automated spam applications and this helps you cut them out.
  • If you have a process you already use then create a video recording of you doing that process to help them see what you do. Use something like or or and upload to Youtube. Place a link in the ad.
  • If people reply with anything other than ‘Apple’ as the first word, delete them. Nomatter how good their profile looks or howfew responses you get, do not be tempted to use them. If they can’t follow that basic  instruction they will be a nightmare to work with. Trust me – I know!
  • On the next screen you can filter applications further by their history and rating. I’d recommend selecting freelancers with a rating of 4+ and at least 50 hours of previous work history.
  • You could add in a 3rd Level asking for them to find the email address too…



  • Use the same skill requirements as indicated in the image above
  • I have placed this as a fixed price bid but if this is an ongoing requirement then you could do this by the hour and create an ongoing list building person for you. I’d expect to pay between $5 – 10 an hour for this work
  • I have given a job price of $100 but that’s up to you depending on the complexity


Review your applications and see what gold you unearth. If you don’t get any quality applications don’t worry. Either post it again a few days later or try a few different avenues.

Remember that unless you have created a very brilliant process to define this data then be open to learning from these contractors as to how they can do it. They have skills and  technology that you have absolutely no idea about so let them do their thing…

If someone does provide a list or if you already have a part of a list you can use a little know crowd sourcing technique to fill in the gaps….


Use Amazon Turk

Amazon has a little know service called ‘Turk’ that provides outsourced ‘Human Intelligent Tasks’ or HIT’s.




The premise here is you can access a workforce of hundreds of thousands of people to complete micro tasks for you.

So how can you use this?

  • If you have found a list of target companies on Google you can upload this and ask ‘turks’ to complete missing data
  • Miss Upwork out completely and go straight to Amazon Turk and start there
  • If you were successful on Upwork and require further information such as their turnover, over their email address, or whether they were in the forces e.t.c
  • Any way your brain can imagine…


[images style=”0″ image=”” large_image=”” width=”1209″ align=”center” top_margin=”0″ full_width=”Y”]

(click the image to see a high resolution)

  • Create your account
  • Review some other people jobs to get a handle on what is acceptable
  • Place a bid for a ‘HIT’. This is usually a price for each small piece of data required i.e. filling in the email address of a contact or the number of partners in the company etc. would be 1 HIT. The easy way to think of it is a HIT a contract to fill in one piece of data in one cell of an excel spreadsheet.
  • Place a bid for how much you’d like to pay per piece of information expect to bid around $0.10 to $0.30 for a quality result

Experiment with it. You’ll be mazed what you can get low cost contractors to do for you. I give some other examples on my Free Advanced Prospecting Training Webinar here


  • Fill In Missing Email Addresses

If you have an existing list of companies and the name of the target person but haven’t managed to fill in the details of the  email address of the target person then I recommend using a service like

toofrWith toofr you can upload a CSV and as long as you have the first name, last name and web address it will go out and find the email for you.

It does this by creating permutations of what the email address could be i.e. and then checks those results to see if they actually exist.

Generally the results are very, very good. They can find upwards of 80% of the email addresses and bounce  rates are very, very low.

This is a very, very, cost effective and time effective way of doing it with  1500 email addresses coming in at $100 or $0.07 per email address.

Get To Work!

You can only guess at the skills, creativity  and resources that you can tap into to do the heavy lifting for you.

Tap into it. You might not strike gold immediately but try a few different approaches and you’ll get there.

I can guarantee you that few people in your Industry are being this creative and getting the same level of great results.


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