Can you sell $72,000 business development packages by telephone?

This man has. My guest this week is Paul Lemberg.

Paul is business strategist who has authored 4 books including the great ‘be unreasonable’ and is responsible for over $400 Million in increased profit for his clients.

This is a meaty interview where Paul lay bare:

  • How he sold $72k packages by cold calling
  • What lead generation strategies are working now
  • What approached can you use to scale and drive a predictable sales process
  • Why the stall ‘there is no budget’ is a great thing to hear
  • Why you don’t want to create a system that needs ‘Superstars’
  • What you should do with a RFP/RFQ
  • What do smart people look out for in sales?
  • The biggest failures in outbound prospecting and what you can do about it


The running time is around 42 minutes and it’s power packed in every department…


Paul has a complete system for recruiting, training, testing and measuring and then scaling a complete outbound system based on cold calling. It is called ‘sales voodu’ but is likely to change soon.

For more information about that program, contact Paul directly here:

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