Craig is the author of ‘Shift Selling’ which is the definitive book on harnessing  trigger events to make more sales. In craig’s own words:

“TodayCraig_Elias I speak, advise, and mentor on how to TURN MORE PROSPECTS INTO LOYAL CUSTOMERS by harnessing Trigger Events to repeatedly be first in with those decision makers who are up to 10 times more likely to switch vendors. Research shows the first in wins the sale up to 74% of the time”




Highlights from the Interview:

  • 3.00 Suspenders? –  Maybe an Americanism? You don’t want to be wearing suspenders to work in the UK!
  • 7.45 The mistake salespeople make about selling change and how triggers side step this
  • 8.45 Craig Challenges the challenger sale
  • 9.50 How LinkedIn job alerts can be less than 3% accurate for prospecting
  • 10.00 Tools Craig uses to automate Trigger Event Selling
  • 17.00 Is Trigger event selling ambulance chasing?
  • 18.00 Verb based pitching?
  • 18.30 If everyone is doing this, isn’t it watered down and not effective?
  • 19.00 Does inbound marketing make companies lazy?

Total Length: 25.18



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