Cold Emailing Podcast – Does Cold Emailing Really Work?

By on March 24th, 2015 in Cold Emailing

Some one who’s opinion I respect immensely is Ian Brodie from He is a very, very savy sales person and marketer who mainly focuses in the professional services industries.

When the opportunity to be interviewed by Ian came about for his podcast, I was delighted to accept. He did prime me that he wasn’t going to pull any punches and would give me a ‘grilling’. Well he was true to his word.

140 minutes of some of the most in-depth content about cold emailing later, I can honestly say that he was true to his word.


This is definitely not a quick listen so make sure you get enough time to really focus on it. It outlines:

  • My unique 3 levels of prospect system and what cold emailing approach to use with which one. Get the level wrong and your prospecting will fail the moment you press send
  • The ‘horrific’ mistake I made the day before the interview that you can ensure you never experience
  • What the top performing cold email templates are…
  • How to scale an outbound prospecting mechanism to deliver predictable numbers of first engagements with highly qualified prospects


Press Play In The Center Of The Video Below


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