Is Cold Calling really dead?    Does the phone still have a place in our B2B world?

My guest on this Expert Interview is Sanjoy Bhose who has been there and done it when it comes to building Inside Sales teams.

He has worked at Ubuntu, Siemens and has consulted with many, many other Enterprise level clients. He now works as a Trainer and consultant developing outbound prospecting in organisations. He focuses very highly on cold calling and telephone based04c5d92 activity to create opportunities at a very high level. Sanjoy is a passionate and enthusiastic character that has a very strong opinion of how things should be done and he manages to do that and maintain a sense of humility which is  free from ego.

Listen intently to what he has to say…

There are a few things that might spring to mind, mainly:

  1. Isn’t he a competitor to me?  Well yes and No. I build outbound prospecting capabilities and teams too but we all have different styles and marketplaces. Sanjoy is so passionate and knowledgeable about what he does that he should absolutely be listened to.
  2. Aren’t our ideals different?  No. Look, I’m not a big believer in building new outbound teams based on a cold calling structure because I use cold email as that first interaction. Where we do agree, is that it is impossible to make that connection in any other way than by phone. My system is built on the fact that you call everyone that replies to the cold email. Sanjoy misses that bit out. Can he get into a call with anyone? I have no doubt he can. Can anyone do it? I know that isn’t the case


My upfront apology: I had technical gremlins when I recorded this and managed to lose the video feed. There is only audio which I have added  images to and the audio quality is well below par (I’m disappointed in myself) and gets sketchy in parts. For that I am sorry. BUT listen to it all anyway because the quality of the information given is immense…


Highlights from the Interview:

  • 2.30 The biggest challenge with Outbound Sales In Organisations – strong views out of the gate
  • 4.00 Salespeople don’t do the basics
  • 4.45 One night stands…
  • 5.30 The fear of the C Level
  • 8.00 Telling won’t lead you to success
  • 9.00 Can you guess the book he slates? Answers below…
  • 11.00 Can you sell without selling? Is Cold Calling dead?
  • 12.00 Listen people into something…
  • 14.00 What most people do wrong…
  • 16.00 An example  of his script to engage senior people
  • 19.00 His killer question
  • 21.00 How he got past the keeper
  • 25.00 What 4 things you must sell
  • 28.30 Why research is wasting your time?
  • 31.00 The best calling times…
  • 34.00 How to hire salespeople
  • 35.00 What 1 thing can predict success of new recruits




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