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Expert Interview: Paul Lemberg

Can you sell $72,000 business development packages by telephone? This man has. My guest this week is Paul Lemberg. Paul is business strategist who has authored 4 books including the great ‘be unreasonable’ and is responsible for over $400 Million in increased profit for his clients. This is a meaty interview where Paul lay bare: How […]

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How To Build An Outbound Cold Emailing Prospecting System

Recently I ran a very, very informal webinar for a few prospects of our cold email training system. I covered a huge amount of material and went behind the scenes to cover in detail: Resources to build lists oh highly qualified prospects Technology to automate outbound B2B cold emails that save hours of ‘admin’ per day […]

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Cold Emailing Podcast – Does Cold Emailing Really Work?

Some one who’s opinion I respect immensely is Ian Brodie from He is a very, very savy sales person and marketer who mainly focuses in the professional services industries. When the opportunity to be interviewed by Ian came about for his podcast, I was delighted to accept. He did prime me that he wasn’t […]

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