Part 3: Discover The Most Effective Way To Follow Up On A Cold Email Response

If you are following an outbound sales prospecting methodology that includes cold email then I would be willing to bet that you don’t have a system for follow-up. Am I right? Regardless of whether you are a 1 person consulting business or a SAAS business with significant growth aims, having a systematized way to respond to […]

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Cold Emailing Podcast – Does Cold Emailing Really Work?

Some one who’s opinion I respect immensely is Ian Brodie from He is a very, very savy sales person and marketer who mainly focuses in the professional services industries. When the opportunity to be interviewed by Ian came about for his podcast, I was delighted to accept. He did prime me that he wasn’t […]

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How The Inbound Marketing Myth Is Crippling Businesses Ability To Grow

Is there a need for OUTBOUND Prospecting in a world Of INBOUND MARKETING? In a world of seemingly endless choice around the ways that your business can develop B2B lead generation channels. The main two are: Inbound Marketing Outbound Sales If you believe the ‘blogosphere’ and marketing machines of many big businesses you’d be likely to […]

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Cold Email Template: Look over my shoulder as I tear down this cold email template

Do you use email for your prospecting?

When used correctly email can be a great way to open up new business. Unfortunately, very few salespeople can use email effectively to open up new business opportunities. I was reminded of this when I received a typical badly structured sales prospecting email yesterday. Here it is:

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